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Design Ideas When Decorating with Black Cabinets

Black kitchen cabinets will always be a remarkable addition to your space. Unexpected while still trendy, you can use black cabinets in just about any room you desire. And going with the influx of new paint trends, you might even choose to pair those bold tones with a striking set of black kitchen cabinets.

The thing with black kitchen cabinets is that they infuse luxury and elegance into any room and offer a bold contrast. They take up the position of a neutral design choice without being bland. That being said, below are design ideas worth considering when decorating with black cabinets.

Keep It Light

If your room isn’t very busy with lots of light, then there is nothing wrong with including black cabinets. High gloss blacks plaints tend to reflect more light back into the room than a paint with a low sheen. This, in turn, helps combat black’s natural tendency to absorb light.

There is also the option of playing around with textiles. The neutrality of black kitchen cabinets will not compete with texture. When having a warm, natural wood like oak, painting your kitchen cabinets black brings out a lovely mix of cool and warm tones.

Switch It Up

Even if you prioritize installing black kitchen cabinets, they don’t have to look like everyone else’s. If you prefer framed cabinets, it would be ideal to paint the faces black and have the frames in white or silver. The essence of doing this is to break up an otherwise all-black bank of kitchen cabinets.

An important point to take home is that you don’t have to paint all your cabinets black. You can choose to go with a two-toned approach and paint some of your kitchen cabinets black while giving others a different shade. This helps add visual interest to the room, playing with the light.

The Bottom Line

We all agree that black cabinets are very versatile even as they work as a statement piece. You should remember that since black absorbs light, large swaths of black can make a small space feel more cramped.

Whether or not black kitchen cabinets are ideal for your space depends on the size and lighting of your kitchen as well as your personal preference. Always remember this the next time you decide to install black kitchen cabinets to ensure they work to your advantage.

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