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Factors That Affect Your Car Insurance Rates

From a motorist perspective, understanding how car insurance companies set their prizes can be confusing. And this is easy to see since different car insurance companies use multiple pricing factors to determine your risk. That means how likely it will be that you will file a car insurance claim.

The lower the risks, the better your car insurance rates. However, not all auto insurance companies weigh pricing factors the same. A car insurance quote you get at one company might be significantly cheaper at a different company for the exact same coverage. Here are the main factors in the pricing formulas.

Your Car Insurance History

If you are a new driver and it’s your first time to purchase a car insurance policy, you can expect to pay a higher rate. That’s because the car insurance company will not have much information to evaluate your risk. A coverage gap can also affect the insurance rates. For those who might not know, this is a period of time when you don’t have car insurance.

For instance, if your car insurance cancelled you for not paying on the agreed time. Insurers see the coverage gap as a higher risk which often leads to higher insurance premiums. So, it’s important to maintain continuous car insurance coverage to avoid expensive insurance quotes.

Your Coverage Selections

The car coverage selections you choose will have a great impact on your car insurance rates. But that doesn’t mean you should focus on cheaper prices and skimp out on the coverage types that you actually need. For instance, don’t limit your requirements when you need full coverage requirements. Not having enough car insurance could be a contribution for financial disaster. There is a wide range of car insurance policies so it’s important you select policies that are affordable and meet your needs.

Bottom Line

Car insurance rates are determined by a wide range of factors. Some of the factors mentioned above are the determinants of a car insurance premium. By following the guide above, you will know how car rates vary from time to time.

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