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Protecting Royalty: Joaquin Phoenix’s Struggle in Napoleon – Official Trailer

The filmmakers released a new trailer for the film ‘Napoleon.’ The movie will transport viewers back to France in 1793 and showcase Napoleon Bonaparte’s life. The new trailer provides a captivating peek into the titular character’s merciless combat tactics. The clip also reveals the power struggle between Napoleon and his wife, Josephine.

The snippet, set to Radiohead’s “The National Anthem,” opens with a shot of Joaquin Phoenix on horseback, seemingly overseeing one of his many military campaigns. The Beau Is Afraid star is decked out in his signature bicorne hat and wielding a sword.

As the scene unfolds, the camera zooms out to reveal a massive army arrayed against craggy cliffs. The soldiers appear ready to battle for their homeland and their king. Then, a slow-motion shot of a bullet fired from a rifle and flying through the air is followed by an explosion and a voice that says, “A soldier’s staff hidden in his kitbag, there is a general in every fighting man.”

From the onset, it becomes clear that the movie will explore the French emperor’s bloody rise to power with a keen eye for detail. The director, Ridley Scott, is no stranger to depicting war scenes in all their brutal glory. He’s made his name directing everything from space-age sci-fi blockbusters to medieval war epics. Whether it’s a blood-soaked stadium or a battle of wits between dreamy-eyed androids, he is unafraid to let the carnage unfold.

The latest footage from the upcoming film shows a young Napoleon battling for his life. As he tries to defend his snow fort against a bully, the title card informs us that it is “Twenty against sixty.” It’s a simple setup, but the way Scott films it provides a window into this future leader’s ruthless fighting tactics.

The clip then moves on to show Napoleon seizing the reins of revolution. As the title suggests, it’s a time of conflict between monarchs and people, and it’s only a short time before this former officer starts upending the delicate balance of power in France. The climactic naval battle at Trafalgar and the lopsided battle of Austerlitz are also hinted at in the clip, which is sure to have history buffs eager to see the entire film.

Vanessa Kirby, Tahar Rahim, and Ben Miles round out the main cast of Napoleon, which also includes historian Lorris Chevalier as a historical advisor. The film is set to march into theaters on Nov. 22 and will also be available for streaming on Apple TV+ later.

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