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The Nun 2: A Visually Stunning but Flawed Horror Film

A demon with a cult following and an iconic look has returned for the sequel to the 2018 film that shocked everyone. Despite not being as good as the original, this movie is forgettable. This film, directed by Corin Hardy and produced by James Wan, tries to make the demon nun a part of pop culture with her menacing looks but fails miserably. The movie has several flaws, and the script lacks depth. The characters have tragic, generic backstories and no connection with the audience.

Four years after the first nun-slaying movie, this sequel finds Taissa Farmiga’s Sister Irene laying low in Italy but dragged into another haunting-related case when a self-immolating priest falls under her demon-slaying umbrella. She joins forces with Storm Reid’s newcomer Sister Debra on a European adventure to hunt down Valak, who has been killing people to find a pair of eyes to give her more power and strength.

As with other Conjuring movies, there’s an emphasis on letting the characters do the talking. While it works in this movie’s favor, it also removes some of the tension that should be generated when watching a horror flick. There are a few scenes in The Nun 2 that might scare the shit out of you, but that’s about it.

This movie’s biggest problem is that it portrays the Catholic Church as dark and scary. It’s time for the Catholic Church to stop this ridiculous portrayal and stand up for all that is holy and right. A secluded life isn’t a place of darkness and sin but a way to live in peace with God and serve His children.

The Nun 2 has a few good scares and is decently written. However, the film lacks any sense of depth, and a lot of the story’s events feel rushed. The characters are also not likable, and the actors struggle to convey their emotions. Jonas Bloquet’s character is a good addition and adds some wit to the movie.

The Nun 2 has a few good scares but is a tedious and unsatisfactory horror movie. The cast has some talent and an exciting premise, but the movie needs to deliver on its potential.

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