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Ways to Improve UX with Google Analytics

To attain business success, it is vital that you focus on UX design if you are to create functionality throughout your website. In fact, this is the perfect route you can ever follow whenever you want to delight user engagement. However, success needs to be measured alongside your business objectives.

For things to work in your favor, you should start by understanding the usability metrics you can use to measure UX. To help you get started, here are some of the most effective ways to use Google Analytics for UX research.

Goal Conversion Rates

You probably know about events that are vital to the success of your business. Well, such events ought to be tracked as conversions if you are to know what is transpiring. The good thing about goal conversions is that it will track the success of a user through the intended flow. The best way to go about this is by using the ‘success’ page as it can measure the number of people who made it to a success page from a sequence of other pages. Remember, you need to analyse how users behave to avoid leaving room for mistakes.

Language and Location

Google Analytics lets you know where your customers are located and what language their browsers are set to. If you happen to be running a global eCommerce store, it is easy to tell the difference in how people behave in different countries when paying for your products. Be sure to take advantage of this information to improve customer service and make the preferred checkout process responsive in line with the user location. The good news is that Google Analytics also provides data on your user’s preferred languages.

Bottom Li8ne

Improving website UX with Google Analytics doesn’t necessarily have to be stressful as some people might make it sound in the first place. All you have to do is focus on micro-interactions, and consider tracking text data and numeric data from the word go. Through this action, it will only be a matter of time before you attain the expected results.

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