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What You Need to Know about the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

There’s a good chance you may already know about the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG). This common grant in Singapore subsidizes the costs of pre-approved digital solutions by close to 80%. If you are pre-approved for this grant, you can enjoy the digital marketing solutions at a significant discount.

After all, the main intention of this grant is to encourage digitalization in Singapore companies. By before you think about leveraging what it offers, you need to know what you’re signing up for. Below are some of the things you should know regarding the PSG grant in Singapore.

Eligibility for the Productivity Solutions Grant

Despite being a government grant supporting local SMEs that want to utilize IT solutions to improve their business operations. However, you need to be eligible for the grant before leveraging what it offers. To give you the tip of the iceberg, the SME must be registered and operating in Singapore.

If this is not enough, the company must have at least 30% local shareholding.  Furthermore, you must be an SME looking to hire a Singapore-based IT solutions provider. SMEs that don’t meet any of the set eligibility criteria might miss out on what this grant offer.

Documents Needed

If you want to bring your business overseas and need some financial injection, there is nothing wrong with leveraging the PSG grant. But meeting the eligibility criteria isn’t to say everything will turn out how you expect. You should also have all the documents needed in place before filling up the application.

Some of the most notable documents you need to have with you before signing up for a PSG digital marketing grant include an invoice, certificate of incorporation as proof of lo9cal shareholding and your company’s bank statement for the past six months. You should also have with you identification numbers such as ID, NRIC, or passport.

The Bottom Line

The PSG grant in Singapore happens to be the most widely sought after by most SMEs as it helps them improve productivity. If you are looking forward to improving your business processes, then it is in your best interest that you leverage what it offers. Hopefully, this simple guide can serve as a good starting point before you finally give it a try. The good news is that you can visit the official website of MediaOne Marketing agency and get more info on PSG digital marketing grant.

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