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Beyonce’s Sunglasses Being Sold For $18000 by Fan Who Caught Them

Seeing Beyonce in concert is always a big deal, but it was life-changing for one fan who managed to snag a pair of the songstress’s sunglasses during her performance at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. That’s because 20-year-old Global Valentino — also known by his TikTok handle, Global Valentino Rodrigues — could catch a pair of Beyonce’s Off-White sunglasses that were thrown into the crowd during her Diva performance. He then posted a TikTok video documenting the sunglasses saga, including the moment security tried to take them away from him. Thankfully, Beyonce returned later in the show and tossed the glasses to him again.

Valentino is now putting the sunglasses up for auction on Omega Auctions, a company that sells high-end music memorabilia like John Lennon’s former home. He estimates that the glasses will fetch a fantastic $18000, and while some in the Beyhive haven’t been supportive of his decision, Valentino tells The Post that he has to sell them to support himself.

The auction listing describes the sunglasses as a “rare and beautiful pair of custom-made Off-White x Beyonce sunglasses likely made 1/1.” Bidding will start on July 4 at 10 am UK time and is expected to close by 3 pm. Omega Auctions notes that the sunglasses have yet to be cleaned or touched by Beyonce and may have had minor scratches and blemishes from storage since the concert.

While many people might keep a pair of sunglasses tossed to them by a celebrity as a cherished memory, Valentino says it was a tough choice for him. Ultimately, he hopes to use the proceeds from the sale to help support himself and his filmmaking career.

And while not everyone in the Beyhive has supported his decision to sell off the sunglasses, most are rooting for him and hoping he can find a good home for them.

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