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BTS’ Jungkook Smoking Photos Go Viral: What Do Fans Think?

BTS is one of the most popular bands worldwide, and it’s no surprise that their members are all heartthrobs for millions of fans. From their goofy selfies to their stunning fashion sense, the band’s members are a treat to the eyes of everyone who knows them. And, when it comes to the youngest group member, Jungkook, the internet can’t get enough of him.

Recently, Jungkook sent the internet into a frenzy with his Calvin Klein photoshoot. The pictures showcasing the idol’s sexier side went viral on social media, drawing attention from locals and non-fans. The pictures also led to speculation that he might be doing a fashion campaign for the brand. However, no confirmation from BIGHIT or the brand has been made.

But it wasn’t just the photos that had ARMYs buzzing. On February 26, Jungkook hosted a livestream on Weverse with his maknae (idol lover). During the live stream, he answered fans’ questions, showed off his new chain earring, and flexed his biceps to prove he was working hard at physical fitness.

The live stream was a hit amongst the audience, and it even made it to the trending charts on Twitter. Various hashtags such as ‘He’s Naked’ and ‘Protect Our Jungkook’ supported the idol. ARMYs were also impressed with how well the star interacted with his maknae and reacted to their questions.

BTS’s Jungkook is a heartthrob for not just his looks but also for his talent and charisma on stage. He’s an excellent singer and skilled dancer who can entertain a large crowd with his effortless performance skills.

Apart from music, the talented member of BTS is quite active on social media and often posts pictures and videos from his personal life. He’s a huge fan of artwork and museums and often uploads pictures on his official Instagram account from his visits to different art galleries.

Jungkook is also a fashion icon for his stylish and sophisticated wardrobe. The youngster usually wears various trendy outfits, including formal and casual ones. For instance, in a recent picture he uploaded, he wore a black tailored long coat with a casual T-shirt inside and slim-fit jeans while standing in a parking area.

The outfit was simple and chic, and the singer added a touch of elegance to it by wearing a pair of brown leather boots. In the photo, he looked handsome with his dark wavy hair and black sunglasses.

The K-pop idol also has a YouTube channel where he shares video content with his followers. He has a series of VHS-inspired films called Golden Closet Films, where he documents the band’s daily lives, from their concerts to their group holiday vacations. The star’s charisma and natural charm are a hit on the internet, and his YouTube content has garnered massive attention worldwide.

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