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Popular Use Cases Of Facial Recognition Systems

The global market for facial recognition systems is rapidly increasing. The market size is projected to increase from $5 billion in 2021 to almost $13 billion by 2028. However, implementing facial recognition system has various factors that business leaders must consider before initiating any projects.

Implementing facial recognition system in Singaporein your business can become a complicated and difficult process without these considerations. In this article, we have compiled a list of factors that people should consider while using Singapore facial recognition systems. Below are some of the best practices used in Facial Recognition Technology;

Ensure Dataset Quality While Training The Model

Like any AI/ML model, data collection is one of the most important steps in training a facial recognition system since it determines the end performance of the system. The developer needs to ensure that the right dataset is selected for the training process and that the model is not over/underfitting and is unbiased. When you test new ID system, you can best assured it is precisely what you need.

Facial recognition systems usually require large datasets to be trained to avoid false positives. The more data is fed into the algorithm, the more accurate it will become. Crowd sourcing can be effective when collecting large and diverse datasets for facial recognition systems.

Ensure High Quality Data Annotation

After gathering the dataset, annotating is required so that the algorithm knows what to look for in the image. For annotating data for facial recognition system, different points and features of the face are tagged/labeled with accuracy and consistency. That’s what you need to improve biometry security.

Image annotation is one of the most important stages in development of computer vision and image recognition applications, which involves recognizing, obtaining, describing and interpreting results from digital images or videos. Therefore, image annotation plays a crucial role in AI/ML development in many sectors in the business environment hence high-quality data is used.

Bottom Line

Finally, the use of facial recognition technology such as to authenticate hospital visitorscomes with various ethical constraints and considerations. This is because the system uses people’s photographic/biometric data, which in some countries can be illegal if certain rules and regulations are not followed, hence, going through these rules and regulations is more important.

Before implementing new tech involving facial recognitionin your business, you can consider notifying people and also avoid placing cameras in sensitive locations such as dressing rooms, bathrooms, medical facilities, etc. Additionally, you can clearly disclose how and where the biometric data will be used and which parties will have access to it.

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