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Things To Know Before Buying Gold Jewellery

Gold is one of the most loved and precious metals. It has been on the top of peoples buying list whenever they want to invest in jewellery. A hit during weddings and festivals, jewelleries made from gold define a whole new level of elegance. It’s not only an investment but a versatile fashion accessory. With current designs and trends, gold jewellery has become all the more attractive.

When it comes to buying gold jewellery, most people prefer to step out to various stores, compare prices and then buy it. But even the best of buyers might make mistakes while buying gold. So, to keep you on track, keep the tips below in mind while buying gold jewellery.

Know The Purity

The purity of gold can be determined in carats. A 24 carat gold piece is considered as 99.9% pure and 22 carat gold piece being 92% pure. Every carat gold is equivalent to 4.2 % pure gold which means that 14 and 18 carat contains only 58.33 % and 75% pure gold respectively.

Purchasing gold jewellery without checking its purity is a no and it always pay to check purity before parting with your hard-earned money. Hallmark is an indication of purity of gold jewellery and it is advisable to purchase hallmarked jewellery. This is because these pieces are tested by competent agencies.

Check the weight

It is very important to check the weight of the actual gold that you are buying before paying for it. You should note that other stones like diamond and emerald can also make the weight heavier and you might end up paying a higher price. Jewellers weigh a piece in it’s entirely, that’s why it’s important to check the weight while purchasing studded jewellery. This will help you pay the exact amount of money on your gold jewellery.


Buying gold jewellery can be a bit confusing especially for the first-time buyers. While you might know the gold price per gram Singapore, you need to be very careful to ensure you are paying for the right product. If you are stuck, the tips above will help you get through the whole buying process.

So, make sure you go through them so that you can invest your money on the right products. Researching is also a good way to help you learn the things you need to know before purchasing gold jewellery. Keep browsing more tips.

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