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Things to Remember When Selecting Restaurant Floor Mats

If you frequently dine at restaurants, you’ll agree that they vary widely in terms of their aesthetics, culinary styles, layouts, and themes. While they all have a similar basic structure when it comes to the different areas or zones of the establishment, such as entranceway, dishwashing zone, and kitchen, there are also some discrepancies.

To ensure your restaurant looks appealing and stands out from the competition, it would be ideal to invest in custom logo mats. Purchasing the right mat has the potential to help make your staff happier and healthier, while also bringing together the experience for your customers. But not all mats are created equal.

Before you rush over the decision to buy logo mats for your restaurant, here is a breakdown of the most common areas to place them and the best suited mats to those areas.

Outdoor Entrance Mats

Your outdoor logo rug is constantly exposed to the elements. It won’t take long enough for sunlight and extreme temperatures to wear out the fibers of a rug not designed for outdoor functions. That’s why you should never choose just about any material type for your outdoor entrance mats.

As a rule of thumb, always go for a rubber entrance mat since it is perfectly suited for the job. This type of logo rug acts as the first line of defense against moisture and debris brought in by foot traffic.

Indoor Entrance Mats

Secondary entrance mats serve as the ideal option for both inside and outside use. After all, they are specifically designed to continue the scraping process using a high or low rib design that scrapes and traps debris from the bottom of shoes. If you want to purchase the best custom logo mats for your business or organization, then a secondary entrance mat is worth considering.

These mats can offer the same level of entranceway protection as other entrance way floor mats. Moreover, they help add an aesthetic quality that promotes your restaurant’s brand or message effectively.

Behind the Bar Mats

With behind the bar mats, they tend to be generally anti-fatigue mats with drainage holes that offer non-slip support for staff who have to stand for long periods in potentially wet areas. Mats intended for behind-the-bar use often feature a lightweight anti-fatigue design with beveled edged that reduce tripping hazards making it the perfect choice for this restaurant area.

The Bottom Line

Before purchasing a logo rug for your restaurant, you need to be sure about the area you want it installed. The last thing you want is to use an outdoor floor mat behind the bar since it might not serve the intended purpose. Furthermore, it has the potential to increase the risk of injuries and trips for those working behind the bar.

The good news is you can always find the ideal custom logo floor mats for your restaurant with a little help from experts. A good starting point is at Ultimate Mats, experts in making custom door mats.

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