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WWE Wrestler Sara Lee Was Heavily Drinking Before Her Sudden Death at 30

Wrestling is a sport that takes a toll on the bodies of its members. A recent study found that wrestling has an abnormal mortality rate for its players compared to other sports.

That’s why it’s so tragic when a promising young wrestler suddenly dies at a young age, as was the case with Sara Lee, who died last year after winning season 6 of WWE Tough Enough. The former pro grappler was just 30 years old when she passed away, and her death left her fans heartbroken.

She was a contestant on the reality series who won the prize money and a one-year contract with the wrestling entertainment company. She went on to compete as a wrestler on NXT and also appeared in several live events, per CNN.

Her death was announced by her mother, Terri Lee, on Facebook earlier today. It shocked the world, and the WWE offered condolences to the family.

Tributes for the late wrestler have been pouring in. Professional wrestler Adrienne Palmer, who uses the ring name Athena, shared an image of her pointing up during a match to pay tribute to Lee. Other tributes came from Pamela Rose Martinez, who has a pro wrestling ring name Bayley, and fellow pro wrestler Bull James created a GoFundMe for Lee’s funeral costs.

In a tweet, Bull James wrote: “RIP Sara, you were one of the good ones.” The GoFundMe raised $100,000 in donations, surpassing its $20,000 goal.

The news of Lee’s death hit many in the WWE and fans nationwide, with tributes flowing from all corners of the industry. A GoFundMe was set up for her family, and pro wrestlers like Athena paid tribute to Lee by pointing up during matches.

A source close to the wrestling star’s family tells PEOPLE that alcohol may have played a part in her sudden death. According to PEOPLE, she was reportedly heavily drinking the night before her passing.

She was later found by her husband, Cory James Weston (who goes by the ring name Westin Blake). That same source tells PEOPLE, “He [Westin] had just come back from working in Orlando and took the kids somewhere and came back and found her.”

Lee was a 5ft6 Michigan-born wrestler known for winning Tough Enough in 2015. After earning a contract with the WWE, she married her longtime love and now WWE wrestler Wesley Blake, known by his ring name Westin.

The pair became parents to three children together, and Lee was a beloved wife and mother who had the support of her loving family and friends.

Lee had big ambitions and could have made it as a superstar if she had been allowed to pursue her career. Whatever the reason behind her sudden death, it’s an unfortunate situation that will haunt her fans for the rest of their lives.

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