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Are Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello Dating?

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello reunited for the first time since their breakup, and it seemed like they were back on. The much-loved couple sparked romance rumors after a steamy kiss sparked their reconciliation. They have been spotted holding hands and showing a lot of PDA lately.

However, fans have started to question if their newfound romance is real. Camila has been cleansing the toxicity of her social media and blocking people who accused her of faking their reunion. She even posted a sweet birthday message to her bae, Shawn, and many took it as confirmation that the two are dating again.

The former Fifth Harmony members were close friends before they turned into one of music’s most-loved couples in 2019. Camila and Shawn collaborated on the racy song Senorita, followed by a steamy music video. Eventually, the pair decided to take their relationship public, but they eventually broke up in November 2021.

They remain close friends, but recently, the two were spotted kissing again. It was a sudden turn of events for the ex-lovers who had been taking their relationship day by day. The two reportedly wanted to go public with their reunion when ready.

A month after the steamy Coachella spotting, Camila and Shawn were pictured at a concert together. The two danced the night away and even hugged and kissed in front of their fans. But now it seems their reunion was short-lived because they have been seen apart again.

The duo was also spotted together courtside at a Clippers game. They wore matching outfits and looked very comfortable with each other. But a few weeks later, the two were seen walking separately as they went to grab a coffee.

Camila also stayed busy with the release of her single Bam Bam and an appearance at the premiere of her movie ‘Cinderella.’ The actress and her boyfriend, Shawn, put on a cute display as they smiled at the paparazzi. Shawn supported his girlfriend and gushed over her in a pre-premiere Instagram post.

Shawn also posted a snippet of a new song which was rumored to be about his relationship with Camila. It was titled ‘When You’re Gone,’ and the lyrics sang, “I don’t wanna know what it’s gonna be like when you’re gone,” with a nostalgic melody.

But the rekindled romance was short-lived because rumors of their second breakup surfaced just a few days ago. A source told Us Weekly that the two don’t enjoy being in the spotlight and are tired of the constant attention they get from the media. The pair have been taking their relationship day by day and are still spending time with each other but don’t feel like going out on red carpets. The source added, “They don’t like leaving each other’s sides.”

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