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Reasons Why Investing in Real Estate Helps

There’s no denying that everyone looks for better investments and investing in real estate is one of them. Whether you buy residential such as Lodha Manyata Tech Park, Lodha Mirabelle, or any industrial plot, rest assured good things are destined to follow.

For a person looking to make long-term investments, key asset classes available include commodities, fixed-deposits, equities and real estate. From an asset allotments perspective, specialists advise that one needs to spread out their investments to reduce the risks and ideally have a mix of physical investments as well as financial assets present in the portfolio.

Having said that, this blog post will take you through some of reasons to consider investing in real estate.

Secure Investment

Unlike other investment assets, real estate tends to be less evaporative since it is not traded. In this modern day and age, you can get a nice deal on the property, since with a bid to give momentum to the market; many developers are now coming up with attractive schemes and big deals. In short, investing in the real estate sector goes a long way in making sure your secure your investment for the future.

Tax Benefits

You might be surprised to know that real estate investments have a lot of tax benefits devoted to it including section 80 C where you can assert advantages on paying the principal amount of the home loan. If this is not enough, sector 24 allows you to assert tax benefits on the interest on the home loan that you pay for.

Moreover, first time home buyers can assert a tax proceeding on interest paid under section 80EEA. However, this provision applies when investing in a property in the affordable housing segment whose value is Rs. 45 lakh or lesser and other conditions needs to be satisfied.


It is worth noting that the rental yields in India are more than in Singapore, Beijing, and Hong-Kong. For this reason, investing in affordable to mid segment properties will offer you greater rental yields, supply external factors like location, reputation of builder, infra-development are aligned.

And with the government drafting a rental law, interests of capitalist will be protected with the rules and regulations in the rental segment streamlined. Furthermore, there are a couple of tax benefits while calculating tax on the rental income.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, numerous benefits are destined to come your way the very moment you decide to take up real estate investment. Either way, you need to do a rigorous homework on the location, configuration, and the profits expected from the investment before deciding on anything.

If you’ve finally made up your mind to invest in real estate in North Bangalore, then you should look no further than Lodha Mirabelle residential enclave. In a nutshell, Lodha Manyata Tech Park is the brand-new luxury residential apartment project launched right inside Manyata Tech Park in Nagavara, off Hebbal, North Bangalore. Check it out today to find out more!

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